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The Quality Of The Product Is Excellent

September 17, 2009

Joseph Gomez

3 Sons Custom Closets

11 Green Hill Rd.

Killingworth, CT 06419


Dear Joe,


I have been meaning to write you to tell you how much my husband and I enjoy the makeover of the closets in our master bedroom and kitchen. This is a result, of course, to the work you did to redesign each closet to suit our needs, and to your attention to details in your work.


It was such a pleasure to work with you. You immediately returned my initial call, came out to the house several times to consult with me and my husband, and completed the work within the time frame you said it would be done. I also appreciate all the additional work that you did to help me prepare the space for the shelving.


The quality of the product is excellent, and the price for the materials and your work was much lower than that of other companies. If I ever need additional closet makeovers, I will not hesitate to call you. I will also highly recommend you to family and friends that want to re-do their existing closets.


Thank you for your excellent work and professionalism.




Joan V.

Guilford, CT


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Phenomenal Work On Closets

3 Sons Custom Closets LLC is proud to share the following testimonials from satisfied clients over the years.

Satisfied With Our Closets

28th July 2009

TO: Joe Gomez

3 Sons Custom Closets

11 Green Hill Rd

Killingworth, CT-06419

RE: Completion of Custom Closets


Dear Joe,


Of late, each day I enter my condominium, the simply phenomenal work that you did in the 2 bedroom walk-in closets and the utility room go appreciated. From the unique (and some might call atypical) designs that were required due to the dimensions of the room and the tilting ceiling space and the efficient use of space catch the eye with admiration. The quality of the work is nothing short of very polished. My parents ended up delaying their trip to my place but they enjoyed the photos I showed them when I made a last-minute trip to the west coast a couple of weeks ago. My neighbors too were stunned with the potential these non-standard dimension spaces have – all a testament to your inherent talent for designing, constructing, and installing these space-efficient closets.


As someone who likes to do home projects myself and having, over time, developed an eye for what I do (and don’t) like, the symbiotic approach we took to designing the closets was ultimately priceless. I am so glad that you suggested this approach the very first time we talked. The emphasis was always kept on what was best for the space rather than what standard dimensions are available which left the potential for a substantial amount of non-usable space.


After contemplating undertaking the closet replacement project as a DIY one, I am glad that I approached ServiceMagicTM and found you. For the same work, I had approached a total of 3 contractors and among them your honest, and direct approach completely over-shadowed the others.


Given that I approached you on 26th May, we met and ironed out the designs over a span of 4-5 hours on 26th May, and the work in the 3 rooms completed on 05th June speaks to your dedication and focus on the work on hand. Each day, you arrived punctually and went nearly 9 hours straight!

Furthermore, the work was completed on time and on budget - among contractors these are truly rare assets – it made working with you a great and pleasant experience.


You truly do “custom” closets and for that I am very, very grateful! My place is tapped with closets, but know that I have been talking up your craftsmanship to all around me. I wish you and 3 Sons Custom Closets many, many years of productive business.




Neeta A.

Mystic, Ct

3 Sons Custom Closets LLC - Closets | Killingworth, CT


Killingworth, CT

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